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Useful Money

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Air Frying Your Energy Costs

Air fryers seem to be the number one conversation topic with my friends and family right now. With the energy price cap increasing on 1st January 2024, swapping the oven for the air fryer and/or the slow cooker could help you reduce your energy costs.

A 2kW oven costs 58p to run for an hour, according to Uswitch. Air fryers typically half your cooking time and also use less energy. A 1.4kW air fryer would cost 20p to run for half an hour, while a 100-watt slow cooker would cost about 12p for a four-hour cook.

Don’t ask me about the range cooker I bought 18 months ago and no longer use!

Create a Conscious Spending Plan for 2024

The festive holidays are a great time to take stock of what is going well and what could be better. Why don’t you take my Spending Plan test and see if you can improve your current position?

Use these as guidelines for your spending and tweak as necessary:

Why not use the handy budget planner tool from my website?

Fast Car = Empty Wallet

Excessive speed is the easiest way to waste money on petrol. Driving at 80mph on motorways is not only illegal, but can use up to 25% more fuel than keeping to a steady 70mph. The same goes for pulling away at lights or braking rapidly – they all drink fuel.
“Drive smoothly, accelerate gently and read the road ahead to avoid braking unnecessarily”
You should try moving up a gear every time the RPM hits 2000 in a diesel vehicle and 2500 in a petrol vehicle. RAC also advise you to “remove any empty roof rack or roof box – they add drag when driving faster, making your car much less fuel efficient”.

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